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How People & Culture Thrive InGrameen Kalyan

Be inspired to serve the peopleacross the nation


Grameen Kalyan goes out of its way to harmonize cultural priorities & values to the employees and health force

We want to provide better service, primary health care and relief assistance (affected by various Natural calamities and Disasters) at rural doorsteps by implementing quality improvement efforts and information systems development.


A general understanding of different cultures makes a good place for people to let them know that they can be comfortable and ask what they need. We are providing that safe and healthy place that benefits workers, patients, families, businesses, and the community.


We want to help to establish & promoting Social Business entities operating in diverse sectors like Agriculture, Nutrition, Healthcare, Value Chain, RMG, Finance, and Information Technology.


With a strong sense of identification with the organisation and a shared understanding of essential, we want to serve people in the rural areas effectively and efficiently.


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Our promise is everyone at Bottom of the Pyramid will have equal access to standard healthcare. We welcome partnerships and collaboration to build a better future together.

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